Know Yourself Better, 

Love Yourself More!

With Image Coach & Interior Designer Deborah O'Brien


Life is Bliss-Full When It's Full Of Love

Bliss-full Self Image and Interior design services by Deborah O'Brien helps women to reconnect with themselves through the lens of color, style and design principles that inspire creativity, motivate love, and create bliss-fullness inside and out. 

Just lik​e you, I thought I knew.

As a woman full of life experience, I thought I knew what loving myself was. The reality is, I hadn't a clue. Despite decades of professional success, it took me years to figure out how to truly love myself. In fact, it was the hardest thing I ever did!

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Here's How Deborah Can Help

There are 3 ways you can find your bliss-full place working with Deborah.


Deborah's fun, informative, and friendly workshops leave women feeling a new found confidence through life and style principles.

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One on one image and energy consultations with Deborah brings forward a clearer view of yourself and layers this awareness with personal style.

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Deborah is available for speaking at conferences, retreats and workshops.

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Deborah O'Brien is a charismatic and joyful presenter with a truly inspiring story to tell. I enjoyed her talk on the power of something as simple as color when it comes to presenting ourselves authentically to the world. This speaker's generosity of spirit is what sets her a bit apart, I think. You get the sense that everything Deborah O'Brien does is about being of service, and helping women overcome their fears and insecurities so they can fulfill their destinies. Authenticity is what she conveys, and what I love about this speaker is her relaxed delivery and her ability to allow flow rather than forcing it.

Emily Clark

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When you find your place of bliss, you are FULL. No need to over spend, over eat, over shop, or anything!

Deborah O'Brien - Life Coach & Interior Designer