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Meet Deborah

My journey has brought me to your journey.

Memorial Day, 1991

I almost drank myself to DEATH.

It was inevitable... anyone could see it coming.

Guilt, shame, never feeling good enough, always feeling unworthy overwhelmed me daily. I had zero self esteem. Consumed by negativity and self hatred, I wore a mask pretending to be anyone, but me. I couldn't stand to be me; I couldn't stand to be in my own skin, I couldn't stand the pain. I had to escape.

By way of an acute overdose of pills and alcohol, I escaped and almost lost my life permanently. While I was dying, I had a spiritual awakening. Suddenly, I was engulfed in God's pure light. It was radiating through every inch of my being. I could feel God filling the empty hole inside of me with his unconditional love. My life was transformed. Everything I had been looking for in all the wrong places was right there inside of me. I found bliss.

After my near-death experience, my life was transformed. I began writing in a gratitude journal, reading the Bible, and going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. When I was strong enough, I joined a gym and became involved in my church. Years later, I was introduced to yoga and gentle movements that allowed me to find a way to let go of struggles and face life's challenges with greater ease.

It wasn't until I discovered meditation, however, that my soul found what it was looking for. Time spent in God's presence was so rewarding and the more I did it, the better my life became. Something truly amazing happens when you connect to the divine. I feel called to use my life experiences and professional background in interior design to teach others how to transform their life and environment.

"From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed!"

Deborah can help you become aware of the root cause of your addictions that keep you stuck in your self-destructive patterns so you can be free from feeling ashamed of yourself and feel the joy to express your true self with confidence and grace.

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