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Deborah O'Brien's

Beyond The Mask 

Breakthrough Retreat

Cape Cod, MA | September 18-20

A 3-day bliss-full breakthrough retreat for women who want to reconnect with their true self 

and make real change in their life. 



Fully Staffed and Catered

Just steps away from clear water and miles from the ordinary, our cottage is the perfect place to retreat, meditate, and bask in breathtaking sunsets and ocean views. 24/7 security, concierge, chef, housekeeper, included.

A Premier Culinary Experience

You’ll enjoy nutritionally-dense and delicious meals that are as tasty as they are energizing. 

Everything is cooked from scratch with the highest quality ingredients.

Why this Retreat is the One for You!

Living as a woman who is hurting inside can make you feel invisible. When you are invisible, you don't  share how you feel, and you learn to silence your truth. Eventually the real you, the brilliant you, the creative you disappears. This retreat is the moment of relief you've been waiting for. In just 3 transformational days with Deborah, you'll learn how to turn those feelings of never good enough into owning your truth and loving it! Through relaxation and meditative reflection you can finally get out of the rat race of life and recharge.

About Deborah O'Brien

3 days with me will definitely help you make it through the invisible parts of your life. I am passionate about personal development and transformation and have dedicated a significant amount of time learning and living a transformational lifestyle. For this retreat, I have created an experience that will give you the freedom to unplug from technology and decompress. When we take advantage of the opportunity to unplug, we get to rediscover what happens when we connect back to the purity of life itself. I can’t wait to share my knowledge, challenge and help women take their life to new levels. This will be done through deep introspective work that comes from reflection. I will share active and passive approaches to aid in ones development and healing. I want every attendee to feel transformed and leave knowing her value in that with God all things are possible!

The Experience

A white sandy beach. Inspiring views. Wonderful people. Breath work. Nutritious meals. Fun. Pools. Near scenic nature trails.

6:00 am - Sunrise Meditation

Meditation outdoors as the sunrises with amazing ocean views.

7:00 am Breakfast

Fresh fruit, oatmeal, toppings, juice, coffee, and water.

9:00 am Session1 & 2

Transformation from the inside out with reflections and breath work.

Noon - Lunch and Adventure

Lounge at the cottage, wander the beach or book an activity.

3:00 pm - Session 3 & 4

Transformation from the inside out with reflections and breath work.

5:30 pm Sunset, Dinner & 

               Fire Pit Chat

Healthy gourmet entrees with salad and dessert along side inspiring conversation and connection by the fire.



Luxury Without The Price

3-day stay at the beautiful SeaCrest Oceanfront Resort, fully-staffed cottage. Gourmet meals lovingly prepared by our chefs. Breath work classes with your favorite transformational coach, Deborah O'Brien. Guided meditation in nature all within an intimate setting, perfect for ultimate relaxation.



Thank you for your interest in attending my Beyond the Mask Breakthrough Retreat. Please tell me a little bit about yourself and what do you hope to learn from this 3-day retreat.

I can't wait to know you better.

Thank you very much❣️





Email Address




Per Person

Best Package Offer

4 Transformational Sessions w/Journal and signed Book

Private Bathroom

Private (King) Bed

5 Catered Meals



Per Person

Best Buddy Package

4 Transformational Sessions

Shared Bathroom

Shared Bedroom

5 Catered Meals


Claim your spot before it's too late.

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